Infrared heaters are slimline, beautiful objects that either look like pictures or mirrors or part of the furniture. This means that you can say goodbye to the ugly metal radiators sticking out into the room with all manner of furniture arranged to hide them from sight.

Infrared Heating Radiators

When people first feel the warmth that is generated by the Infrarad heaters they are amazed as they cannot initially see where the heat source is but yet they can feel the warmth on their skin as if they are lay in the sunshine on a summer evening.

The warm feeling and inability to realise where the source is located is really due to the fact that the panel has done what it was designed to do: it has heated up the fabric of the room rather than the space around where it is located. There is, however, only so much a website can tell you so we recommend that the best way for you to feel the heat that is generated is to have one placed in front of you so that you can see for yourself.


To start with they are extremely efficient at heating up whatever size room it is that you wish it to be used in whilst also having the capabilities to show whatever design suits you, whether it be a family photo or a company logo, the Infrarad can be hidden as an inconspicuous part of the furniture. The other benefit of these particular radiators is that they are quick and easy to install without any ongoing maintenance costs due to their reliability and longevity.

Infrared heaters are also better for your health as they do not spread dust or produce mould, both of which can be inhaled by people who are unaware they are even present and cause potentially serious health complications. Infrared Heating can also help to improve blood circulation for people and for those who suffer from anxiety it can be quite calming.

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