Infrared panels are a modern, innovative way to heat your property.

Rather than heating the air - like gas, oil and electric systems - infrared waves are transmitted directly into objects before being conducted into the surrounding environment much like the rays of the sun.

Most Infrared rays are invisible to the human eye but radiated at the optimal wavelength for heating. The process is safe and 100% energy efficient offering a way to raise and sustain temperatures quickly, while delivering significant energy and cost saving benefits.

The purchase costs of our infrared radiant panels are much lower than all other heating systems. Furthermore there are only minimal installation costs. Infrarad panels can be fixed and mounted very easily and quickly in approximately 10 minutes. As with any form of heating, running costs will vary depending on the construction of the building, the quality of insulation, and the natural heat retention properties of the building.

As soon as the infrared panel is energized, the radiant heat soaks into your walls, floor and ceiling, so that the whole surface area of the room is evenly heated. Heat flows from hot to cold bodies. Since infrared heat panels warm the room surfaces evenly, your own body temperature tends to remain more stable. This means that although the air may be maintained at a cooler temperature, you still feel comfortably warm.

In infrared heating systems only solid objects, people and pets are heated so a smaller amount of energy is required to gain a comfortable amount of warmth. Setting the thermostat even lower is probably more comfortable .The warmth felt from Infrared is just like the heat felt from the sun.

In a conventional heating system air is heated by a radiator and via convection the air will become warmer and move around until the entire space is heated to a desired temperature allowing valuable and expensive heat to escape. Warm air carries water vapour which can cause stuffiness which means you’ll need to ventilate the room and loose more heat. Air movement in this way contributes to condensation and mould growth which in turn leads to bronchial disease in the elderly and infirm.

Only the warming rays of the sun have enabled life on our planet. The warmth we feel in the sunlight, but also in front of a fireplace or a stove, is infrared radiation. Cool air does not bother us as long as the warming rays of the sun reach us directly. Infrared radiation overcomes the distance between the sun and the earth nearly without losses and turns into heat once hitting the surface. In contrary to UV or X-ray radiation particularly the long-wave infrared-C range has a positive impact on human well-being.

Infrared radiant panels use the same principle as the sun. It is easy to feel the difference between having the rays hit your body and having them blocked by another object (for example when the sun is blocked by a cloud). The rays of the sun do not heat the air but the bodies they hit. The sun is the world’s best heater therefore infrared heaters must be the world’s best heating product. The rays used for heating are the infrared rays.

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