Want to escape those daunting electricity bills which keep on growing? We have Voltis - voltage optimiser, the easiest way to bring them down again. Not only can you save money on your energy bills, Voltis also helps reduce your carbon footprint, keeping the planet a green environment.

Single Phase Units

Voltis Home and Voltis 100Amp voltage optimisation units are ideally suited to locations utilising a single phase electricity supply and with a load of up to 60Amps for Voltis Home, and 100Amps for Voltis 100Amp. The units use the same technology as the commercial units, just in a smaller format. Units are positioned between the electricity meter and consumer unit and are easily installed by a qualified electrician.

Once installed, they are maintenance-free and offer immediate savings. Our voltage optimisation units come with an automatic bypass function as standard. This means that they automatically adjust to suit the energy supply and demand, which ultimately means they maximise potential savings.

We recommend that the incoming voltage and main fuse rating is checked prior to installation, to ensure that the appropriate Voltis unit is installed.

Voltis Home

Voltis Home is suitable for all buildings with an incoming single phase supply rated up to 100Amps and with a load of up to 60Amps. This typically includes most residential properties.

Voltis 100Amp

The Voltis 100Amp unit is suitable for any building with a single phase supply and with a load of up to 100Amps. This typically includes large residential properties, retail units, offices, care/medical facilities, hotels, pubs and restaurants.

How Voltage Optimiser Works?

Despite UK voltage being supplied at around 240 Volts electrical equipment, including everyday household appliances, actually works most efficiently at around 220 Volts. This not only means an over-supply of energy costing you substantial money, it can also damage and decrease the lifespan of your electrical goods.

As specialists in voltage optimisation (matching your electricity supply to your appliance needs) and domestic energy efficiency, our unique units can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified technician and can start saving you money immediately. With the display feature you can even see how Voltis Home saves electricity with the ‘voltage in’ and ‘voltage out’ calculations.

By reducing your CO2 emissions, the units can also lower your carbon footprint helping to control issues with climate change. As well as appliances, Voltis also ensures the lights in your home only use the required amount of voltage.

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