• Thermo Dynamic Fuelled Radiators - Haverland XR
  • Thermo Dynamic Fuelled Radiators - Haverland XR
  • Thermo Dynamic Fuelled Radiators - Haverland XR

When we say ‘new generation’, we mean that every Haverland radiator has built-in, state-of-the-art energy management and control system based on an integrated range of technical features.

Electronic chrono-thermostat

Unlike traditional heating systems, which mostly utilise mechanical thermostats, Haverland provide higher levels of energy efficiency by using electronic chrono-thermostatic control.

This state-of-the-art solution provides high precision, temperature control which ensures that your precious energy is accurately controlled and optimised to provide major energy savings.


Precise ‘zonal’ heating

In a Designer XR heating system each room or area is treated as a ‘zone’ and therefore controlled precisely in terms of a specific temperature setting and heating schedule. Precise zonal control optimises energy usage and enhances further energy savings. Haverland XR meets the requirements of Part L Building Regulations and is used to provide partitioned heating systems in new build office developments, etc.

Built-in digital programming

Haverland raditaors have built-in digital programing. There are 7 typical life-style heating schedules which can be easily adjusted to suit specific requirements – plus one bespoke schedule.

Thermo dynamic media

A high density thermo-dynamic fluid is used in Designer XR for general heating applications such as houses, apartments, offices, business premises, etc.

Energy Monitoring Diagram

Built-in energy monitoring

All Designer XR models have built-in Energy Monitoring. This feature encourages end-users to monitor energy use enabling them to make reductions in radiator temperature settings by, for example, one degree. This simple action results in making significant energy savings between 6% to 8% without impairing thermal comfort.

Thermal safety limiter

Haverland radiators have built-in thermal safety limiters which ensure that the surface temperature across the face of each radiator does not exceed 75°C. Haverland have leading European certifications and accreditations for this safety feature.

Thermal uniformity

Another key performance future is that the surface temperature across the whole face of a Haverland radiator is uniform to within +/-0.5°C. This advantage further enhances the thermal performance of Haverland radiators. In short, there are no hot and cold spots as experienced with traditional radiators.


No damage to décor

Yet another distinguishing feature is that Haverland radiators do not leave dirty marks or stains on your décor. Haverland also have European accreditations and certifications for the feature.


Summary of main features:

  • 'State-of-the-art' energy management and control system
  • Electronic chrono-thermostatic control
  • Built-in energy monitoring
  • Digital programmer with 7 heating schedules plus one bespoke option
  • Optimised energy use
  • Three temperature settings: Comfort, Economy and Anti-freeze
  • Thermal safely limiter
  • Thermal uniformity
  • Easy to install - minimal installation cost
  • No disruption or damage to decor
  • No boiler to purchase and service
  • No plumbing or expensive pipework to install

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