Since the beginning of time, Mother Nature has chosen Infrared as the best way to supply heat, and support life on Earth, by utilising the heat from the Sun. Infrared light is completely different from Ultra Violet light (UV rays), and is totally safe.

In fact we are so attuned to it’s goodness that our bodies have developed to absorb as many far infrared rays as possible. For decades Infrared has been used for its health benefits, and today is used to treat over 1600 medical conditions.

Although domestic infrared heaters shouldn’t be purchased specifically as a health aid the energy our panels produce will still have fundamental benefits to your wellbeing by helping your metabolism, and the air quality in your home or workplace.

Unlike convection heating, Infrared heating has clear health benefits for the human body. While convectional heaters produce the heat that warms up the air and surfaces, Infrared heaters heat objects and people directly. It creates a movement of the heat in the body through optimum blood circulation and this way produces a sense of deep warmth.

Furthermore, Infrared heating is beneficial for people with health conditions such as asthma or bronchial ailments. Its unique heating method does not create air currents that increase dust circulation in the room. It also prevents unwanted humidity that causes mould to grow.

Fresh air is also essential for a healthy living environment. However ventilation comes at the price, as it creates heat loss, especially if it is combined with convectional heating system. Opposite to traditional heaters, Infrared heating products heat the objects and people, while convectional heating works on much higher temperatures and relay on the hot air movement. It means that the heat loss becomes greater, as hot air travels out through the vents and opened windows. Meanwhile, Infrared heating does not create air currents and in this way significantly reduces heat loss.

Imagine dust free, non-humid home or work space. Infrared heating solutions can help you achieve your perfect, health-benefiting environment.

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