As most people are aware fuel prices are rising regularly and everyone is looking for ways to reduce the cost of energy bills. To see how much infrared heating can save, firstly we need to understand how much our existing heating is costing us.

We will use gas central heating for comparison, as this is extremely common in the UK, and one of the cheapest alternatives to run. 71% of the normal gas usage in a UK home, according to DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change), is used on heating, 24% on hot water, and 5% on cooking or 'other items'.

The average UK gas bill in 2013 was £854 which means an eye watering heating cost of £606.34 which breaks down £3.37 per day within 6 months. If that isn’t staggering enough, Ofgem have predicted that next year energy bills will be rising another 33% which will mean that the average household is paying £4.30 per day just in heating.

If you consider that a typical living room can be heating by a single 800 watt infrared heat panel - used for only 6 hours a day at a cost of £0.38 per day to run. This can lead to a saving of £2.99 per day on your energy bill.

Heating a bedroom as well is even cheaper with a 400 watt infrared panel being required at a cost of around £0.13 per day for 4 hours usage.

The price of gas is rising far quicker than the price of electricity, and will continue to do so because supplies are very short.

Whilst the production of electricity is becoming easier every year, love them or hate them, the numbers of solar farms and windmills are rapidly increasing, but our gas supplies have diminished.

Fracking has become, for many, an unwelcome necessity, along with importing expensive gas from abroad.

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Infrared heating can be used as a complete replacement of, or just to supplement your existing heating system. Either way, you're sure to save on your energy bills straight away - and future savings will be even greater!

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