Heatkeeper Energy Saving Radiator Panels

Heatkeeper insulation radiator panels will significantly reduce the heat loss through external walls and directing the heat from your radiators evenly back into the room.

This is achieved by creating an air curtain that rises above the radiator minimising the loss of heat energy produced. The aluminized surface reflects the infra-red heat, normally absorbed by the wall behind the heater units, back into the room. The moulded shape of the Heat Reflector also traps air between the heat reflector and the wall surface creating a thermal barrier which reduces conductive heat loss through the exterior wall.The saw tooth profile of the Heat Reflector, increases air turbulence and circulation which immediately improves the room comfort levels and reduces your heating requirements and cutting your energy bills.

Once the Heatkeeper panels are fitted your radiators will start to warm your rooms a lot quicker, the core of your heating unit is hotter, water inside the heating system will return to the boiler at a higher temperature allowing you to reduce the overall boiler water temperature to achieve the same or improved comfort levels. The reduction of the boiler water temperature reduces the amount of fuel required to re-heat the water, and will help you save money. The insulation panels are flexible and robust and easy to fit no specialist tools required - no need to remove radiators – just apply the double-sided tape provided.

Panels can be cut to size with scissors, and cut edges overlap horizontally and vertically to fit any size of radiator. Detailed fitting instructions are included in each pack. Each Individual panel measures 580mm h x 450mm w

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